How to Choose a Badminton Racket?

An insight to Badminton Racket Review

At the heart of Badminton Racket Review’s website is the Racket Review E-Zone. It allows you to filter results according to every significant aspect of a racket and hone into the top qualities you seek from your racket. You can simply reorder the information presented to you, giving you the best options for ranking your priorities to smash speed, manoeuvre, weight, manufacturer and so on. Or if you’re in a hurry, simply click a top-10 category for fast results.

Below is a preview of the Racket Review E-Zone quick results section

Player Definition


Player returning to badminton after a significant break or starting to play the sport for the first time.


Player who is able to hit the shuttle with accuracy to most parts of the courts using reasonable technique, has a good defence and attack, understands the rules of the game, has started to think about his/her opponent’s weaknesses and strengths and plays accordingly, has good foot movement and fitness.


Player who has the skill to hit every shot with good technique, can generate lots of power easily and efficiently, is able to direct the shuttle to all parts of the court in defence and attack, plays consciously and strategically during every rally and can move around the court at significant speed with an appropriate amount of fitness to not fade during long rallies.


Mastered all areas of the sport and has a world ranking.