Our Story

Hi, I’m Jag Pellay

owner and creator of “Badminton Racket Review”. My team and I are very passionate about Badminton and it’s this passion for the sport which drove me to create this site (along with no small portion of frustration from all the time and money spent trying to find a racket that really worked well for me!)

It became blatantly clear that everyone in the game at all levels had little understanding of badminton racket performance. Thus far we have all been guided by clever marketing, personal reviews or someone behind a shop counter (that knows little more than we do) and yet global badminton racket sales continue to grow year on year, generating many millions of dollars in revenue.

So, after consulting with some of the best sports analysis companies in the world we created badminton racket tests that would provide key information on badminton rackets that up to now have never been done. We have now tested over 550 rackets across 17 world manufacturers. This is an unprecedented level of testing – AWESOME!

We have taken those results and created the Racket Review E-Zone – a system of filtering within the website which means you can take as long as you would like to find a racket or you can tap into our top 10 segments and find the perfect racket for you instantly.

Below is a preview of the Racket Review E-Zone Matrix